Associate of the Tarporley Painter
Italian, active c.405-c.370 BCE in Apulia

Apulian red-figure bell krater, c. 420-400 BCE
Clay with black glaze and red pigment
Transfer from Vassar College Classics Department, 1968
Period: 5th c BCE
Classification: Decorative Art
Dimensions: Sight: 8 1/2 in. (21.59 cm)
Description v
Card: "From Altamura, Bought at de Morgan, New York, MArch 11, 1895. Ornamented with Dionysian subject matter. Front: Maenad extends tambourine to satyr; reverse: youth hands round object to similar youth drapery in black paint, under rim black figure ivy pattern (description by Martha Maguire)."
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